Welcome to EatLiveLove.it! If your reading this we already have one
thing in common... our love for working out, being healthy and eating nutritious diet. Does that not ring a bell? 

Well, how about our love for girls night's out, lazy Sundays and enjoying not-so-healthy-but-delicious food while wanting to look good in the process! Does that sound more like it!?

Well I am here to let you in on a little secret... You don't have to choose between one or the other! Life has room for both. 

As a Nutritional Therapist my aim is to help people understand how the body works and how it doesn't have to be a constant battle between good vs bad when it comes to living a health life. 

Eatlivelove.it also offers consultations relating to all health complaints including;

-Weight loss
-Fatigue/Lack of energy
-Hormonal Imbalances
-Food Intolerences
-Irritable bowel or IBS
-Candida/Yeast Over growth

Contact eatliveloveit@gmail.com for more information

Ash x x x

About Me

My name is Ash; I am A 22 year old health addict who is in a love triangle with a clean, nutritious, healthy, lifestyle and lazy days, yummy food and cocktails! I am not someone who will get up before work at 6am to go for a run on the beach (even though I would love to be!!) but I am someone who has found a balance...

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