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My new obsession... Coconut oil

17th Oct 2013

 It feeds you, helps with weight loss, moisturisers you, keeps your hair soft and shiny and it will not leave you for someone else! Dream product... I think so.

Coconut oil is literally my new obsession at the moment, after hearing LOADS about it for months, it all started one day during my tanning regime, I realised I was out of moisturizer #THEWORST! Already in love with my coconut oil for cooking, I decided I would give it a go and OH MY GOD, my skin was like silk! Suffering with dry skin, I was actually shocked with how soft it was- no moisturiser has ever done it before. I then thought to myself, 'Ok lets see how it works in my bleached to bits hair'... this was the ultimate test! And once again it did not fail to disappoint, soft, shiny, manageable hair that wasn't left weighed down by numerous products in it. So how has it become part of my life?

1. All over moisturizer once per week after exfoliating.
2. Apply to legs after shaving... Cannot STRESS enough how soft it makes your legs.
3. Apply to ends of hair as an intensive hair mask and leave over night.
4.In cooking...As it as a higher smoke point (i.e.can withstand higher heats without turning toxic) use instead of olive, sunflower, cooking oil or butter.
5.In baking... replaces butter in recipes. I also make my homemade breakfast granola using it... find the recipe click here 

I purchased mine in Dunnes Stores for about €5. For those of you who don't know what it is, coconut oil is a solid like butter, and in room temperature it melts, like butter. 

Oh and besides all the vanity boosting benefits it also plays a part in brain function, fat burning, kills harmful bacteria and viruses, reduces appetite, lowers cholesterol and can be used as a mouthwash, teeth whitener and sunscreen (i'll let you guys try those and report back!!) 

Update; Since writing this post I now use coconut oil for taking off my eye-makeup and wow its amazing! Better than any products I have used... waterproof mascara, full smokey eye, stubborn lash glue... comes off so easily! Plus my lashes grow way faster... Win Win!!

coconut oil, coconut butterSolid.. Like Butter

coconut oil, coconut butter,dunnes storesGo this in Dunnes Stores for about €5.00

granola, coconut oil,coconut butterYummy Granola I made using Coconut Oil <3

Ash xxx

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