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All about Detoxing!

16th Oct 2013

Whether it's Beyonce's master cleanse of maple syrup and cayenne pepper or Gweneth Paltrow's juice fast, we all hear of celebrities dropping the pounds on extreme detox plans. All we have to do is follow their plan and we'll look like them, right? WRONG! The difference between us and celebrities (besides having a wardrobe full of Louis Vuittons) is that we actually have lives- jobs, school, exams, children etc. Therefore we actually need energy and stamina to get through the day. Extreme detoxes where entire food groups are cut out and you just live on water and happiness are not only extremely damaging to your health but also to your social life as the lack of food makes most people turn in to scorpion women!

For those of you who think detoxes are something that only hippies that live on rabbit food do, here are a few reasons why you should hop on the band wagon:

SO, as I am currently in 'detox mode' I thought I would get back in to the swing of blogging by sharing with you my tips for detoxing (I also am trying to do something productive to take my mind off day 3 of no sugar or caffeine!!!)

1. Probiotics: Probywhatics, you ask?? Think of them as the heart of your

 digestive system. If that's not working then nothing else will. Our intestines have 200 billion microflora- some good and some bad.If you experience bloating, cramps, gas, heartburn, headaches or nausea to name a few, these are all symptoms of poor microflora. In order to keep the balance between good and evil we need probiotics. If you are low in probiotics when on a detox then your body cannot get rid of toxins (and that's the main point of doing a detox, right?).
-Find them in natural yoghurt or you can take them in supplement form. (ask in your local health food shop for a good probiotic- I would recommend Biocare)

2. Stages: Sugar, gluten and caffeine are like drugs to your body. So going cold turkey from them doesn't tend to have good effects on your body. This is why the first few days of a diet are always the hardest- you feel hungry, cranky, tired and may have headaches. This is your body's way of clearing the toxins. SO in order to prevent this happening during your detox it is wise to cut these foods out a few days before you start it.
-Try 3 days no caffeine, gluten or sugar- that inculdes coffee, diet drinks, tea, bread, pasta, processed food and of course biscuits and cakes. Natural sugar in fruit is OK. Go for gluten free options and try decaffeinated tea- if your missing your cuppa!

3. Lemon: Lemons are like a magic detox present wrapped in a yellow box. They naturally detox the body as they are anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral and immune boosting while cleansing the liver and stimulation digestion in the process. So to break it down, not only do they help to abolish acne, beat bloating and fight fatigue but they also keep you protected against the dreaded winter flu. 

-Start the day with hot water and 1/2 fresh lemon juice. Add lemon to water, as a dressing on salads, in juices or smoothies or in homemade fro-yo icecream.

4.Fruit & Veg: Although fruit is our friend, some fruits tend to be a little higher in sugar then others. While on the detox avoid sweet fruit like bananas and mangoes. You can eat apples, berries, melons, grapefruit and lemons until they come out of your ears! Think of vegetables as a 'free' food, the more you can eat, the better- Soups, salads, juices, smoothies,raw as snacks, in stirfrys, are all great ways of getting the veg in.

5. Water water water water water!! Were talking 3 + liters per day! Herbal teas are also great ways to get your H20 in! Read why we love water click here.

6. Carbs: Stick to oats, sweet potato and quinoa. No carbs after 4pm!

So that is about it! Simple right. Start off with 3 days cutting out foods, 3-7 days of hardcore detoxing (probiotics, fruit&veg, water etc) and then you can start to slowly reintroduce the foods you cut out of your diet. I am talking tea/coffee, grains, fruit etc. NOT cakes, processed foods and alcohol haha!!

Ash xxx

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