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What is Clean Eating?

5th Jun 2013

If you are an Instagram/Twitter addict like me, I'm sure you have all noticed the #cleaneating #cleanfoods #cleanliving tags. Whats exactly is clean eating though? No, it does not mean that you wash everything really well before you eat it or that you to shower before every meal... mopping the floor while eating a cupcake doesn't count either!

Clean eating is the thing that will help you get closer to your goals.Actually, I could probably state that clean eating is the NUMBER 1  factor when reaching goals... you can exercise all you want- but if you're eating crap, you body will look like crap. (You are what you eat, remember!?)

Clean eating 101:

  • Eat food from nature; that might sound a bit hippy and 'Mother Earth is my Bessie", but lets actually think about what that means.. Basically, if it grows outside then eat it. (within in reason, I won't tell you to eat daisy's and grass... but you can if you want) So, Fruit, Veg and Lean Meats (cut out things like nuggets, sausages, mince etc. if it has more than one ingredient it's not lean!)

  • Eat Grains: This refers to non processed grains (read about why you should cut out processed grains here!) So you are looking for Wholewheat and Whole-grain in the supermarket. 

  • One Ingredient only: I find this the best and easiest tip when eating clean. If you are going to have say, peanut butter, make sure the ingredients are PEANUTS. And not, peanuts, salt, emulsifiers, preservatives, sugar etc. I think it is the BIGGEST mistake people make when trying to eat clean.

  • Cut out fried, processed and sugary crap food. When you eat food like this, it is basically already broken down- Hence why an hour after your take away your in the mood for something else. This is how sneaky calories get in to your diet!

  • Drink TONS of water. Remember 33mls water per Kg body weight. i.e 60Kg x33ml=   Read why we love water here!

  • Try and eat 5 meals a day (no, I don't mean 5 full meals). Try having breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. By doing this you keep your metabolism on fire- not eating when you are hungry is one of the worst things you can do for weight loss and for muscle toning. 

  • Balance your meals... on your head. Only joking! Seriously though, next time you eat look at your plate- is there protein, fat and carbs? This simple thing, will make you feel satisfied for longer (no sneaky snacking!!) and will also fuel your body i.e. help your abs peep through after sweating your ass off in Tone 'n Trim!

So focus on;

  • Fruit and veggies (fresh not from a tin or bag)
  • Lean Protein; egg whites, chicken and turkey breasts, fish, tofu, lean cuts of steak.
  • GOOD fats; avocado, nuts- esp almonds, olive oil, seeds.
  • Whole grains; oatmeal, quinoa, brown rice, brown pasta.
  • Drinking water

If your not convinced about Clean Eating yet, here's the catch-
Eating clean actually means you can eat MORE and still take in LESS calories! 

Amazing much? Who doesn't want to eat all day and not gain weight in the process- UM I DO?
Now that you finally understand the meaning of #cleaneating, the only thing left to do is to start eating this way and watch the fat fall off!

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Ash x x x

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