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Flat Tummy Foods

31st May 2013

The key to a flat tummy? ABS, DIET, POWER.....

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Whether it's for sunning yourself on holidays, looking extra hot in your weekend outfit or just for appreciation when hopping in to the shower one thing everyone craves is- a Flat Tummy! The easiest way to get this is eat ABS, DIET and POWER foods....

Almonds & Nuts: High in protein, good fats, curbs cravings, suppresses hunger and keeps your metabolism on fire- You would be insane not to eat them! 8-10 almonds a day is ideal; either on a salad or as a portable snack.

Beans: High source of fiber, protein and vitamins, Beans are one of the best foods for digestion HOWEVER- Limit your portion sizes as some people find them hard to breakdown leading to bloating- read more here

Spinach & Greens: We can all thank Popeye for ruining Spinach for us as children; but the truth is spinach is actually pretty tasty, and with only 5 Kcal in a cup you could literally eat an entire bag and not even put a dent in your daily calorie intake. Throw it in to salads, stir-frys, omlettes, potatoes etc. Oh did I mention that it's high in protein, calcium, vitamin C, beta carotene, magnesium, iron and folate... to name a few! This refers to all of your greens- not just Spinach.  

Don't add salt: Read about why we hate salt more than your ex's new girlfriend in my' Ways to beat Bloating' post.

Ice Cold Water:  'Fat Burning Foods' explains why you should guzzle back your H20.

Eggs: Before you ask NO eggs are not bad for you and YES you can have an egg everyday! Not only do eggs fill you up, give you energy AND keep hormones that make you feel hungry at bay but they also help build muscle tone. More muscle= faster metabolism= faster fat burning. 

Turkey & Lean Meats: Protein rich foods burn more calories than fats or carbohydrates during digestion... So the more protein you eat the more calories you burn! This is why it is so important to include protein at every meal.

Probiotics; You will find all the goodness of probiotics in Natural low fat probiotic yogurts. I live on yoghurt- have it for breakfast, in smoothies, with fruit as a snack- Love it! And we love it too because not only does it keep gut bacteria healthy (bye bye bloating) but studies also suggest that it helps reduce abdominal fat in women...

Oats; Real oatmeal; not the 'apple & cinnamon' flavored crap you can buy in your local supermarket. I could give Oats a whole post of their own but we like them today because they keep blood sugar levels stable. Say goodbye to that 11am latte and trip to the Vending machine for your morning sugar fix.

Whole Grains; Click here to read why whole grains are our holy grail. (see what I did there? ha,ha)

Eliminating Sugar; It is now a known fact that Sugar, not fat in food is the main cause of weight gain and obesity. READ THE INGREDIENTS PEOPLE- A lot of 'healthy' advertised products are FULL of sugar. So even though you think you're breakfast bar is a great start to the day- It's not!

Raspberries & Berries; Not only are berries delish, but they are also high in fiber, antioxidants and they reduce inflammation in your digestive tract i.e they keep your digestive in check- preventing any unnecessary bloating or swelling.

So there you have it- a list of foods to include in to your diet if you want Nicole Scherzinger Abs! Doing 100 crunches every night after your Pizza hut will not get you any closer to your goals; Of COURSE, if you really want to see results you need to combine diet and exercise but its 80% diet and 20% exercise! 

Once you are all have your fridges stocked with the yummy foods above I will do a post on the best exercise for tight tummy's!

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