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5 Tips When Drinking on a Diet

23rd May 2013

Ok Girlies, lets be honest, the majority of you only workout out so;

cocktail, alcohol, daquiri

1. You look good in your LBD on Saturday night.

2. You don't feel guilty about ruining your diet with weekend indulgences and a few sneaky cocktails.

3. ....Yeah, that's probably about it.

As much as we all want to stay healthy, sometimes a few drinks with the girls is just what we need, (it's not our fault that Girls just wanna have Fun). Realistically, we aren't going to be the sober one in the corner (it's literally the most awkward thing ever watching your friends think they look like Beyonce on the dance-floor) even though we all know drinking is unhealthy, will make us fat and ultimately ruin our healthy diets. As my childhood Bessie is home from London for the week I already know that this weekend is going to be a messy one! This inspired me to write a post on drinking and how to minimize the damage; To our waist lines, that is! 

Know What's in Your Drink

NO, I do not mean know whether your drink has been roofied or not (although that is probably something you should be concerned about too) Alcohol is FULL of calories- in the form of sugar. As the body finds it so hard to break down these sugars they are stored in the abdomen aka; belly flab and love handles (think of lads with big beer belly's) Because alcholic drinks are so yummy is it very easy to down one, or seven, on a night out; One Pina Colada has more than 500 Kcal- the equivalent of a Big Mac meal. I know what your thinking, "But my amazing dance moves cancel out the alcohol on a night out", believe me unless you are at a 24 hour non stop rave or in a dance off with Michael Jackson himself, and actually win... you wont burn off those Long Island's.

Choose Your Mixers Wisely

If you are a beer, cider and alco-pop lover there's no hope for you, all you can do is go for the diet options. BUT if you tend reach for the spirits then you can control what you mix them with. One shot of spirits contains about 95Kcals, so if you are topping up your glass with fizzy drinks and sugary fruit juices you are loading on an extra 150Kcal at-least-245Kcal per drink will most definitely add up! Remember sugar is the enemy. Go for diet drinks (diet drinks are pure chemicals and SO bad for you, but so is alcohol so I guess if your going to be bad you might as well be really bad) Fizzy or soda water with fresh lemon, lime or mint are also good options.

Be Nice to Your Body 

That feeling you wake up with, the morning after a night out is your body telling you that it hates you. Alcohol is a diuretic- that's why you spend half your night out in the bathroom (that and obligatory toilet snaps!) This causes a depletion of your water soluble B and C vitamins and minerals. If anyone suffers with mouth ulcers, bleeding gums, cracks in the corners of their mouth or slow healing of that bruise on your leg from the night out the week before, then it is wise to take B and C supplements.

Drink Less Often 

I don't expect you to sit in when are your friends are having the time of there lives on the dance-floor BUT let's face it if you are really serious about your goals then alcohol is like your Frenemy (that girl that your friends with but she secretly hates you) the calories you take in from alcohol literally do nothing in the body except 1.) be converted to fat and 2.) slow down the breakdown of fat. Great. So next time you want to have a sneaky glass of wine during the week- think twice about it. Also drinking less often, lowers your body's tolerance to alcohol; which means spending less on drink which means spending more on clothes!

Save Your Calories

I would not usually advise calories counting but on days where you know there will be a couple of extra martinis making their way to your hips it is worth your while to try and eat as healthy as you can during the day. Keep the fast food for your inevitable 3am snack. 

***Disclaimer; I am not encouraging people to go out drinking every weekend but the majority of people I see as clients enjoy a few drinks every now and then- These are easy tips to enjoy your night's out without ruining all your hard work during the week!***

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