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Fat Burning Foods...

30th Apr 2013

Hey everyone- Today I am here to tell you all about this fat burning pill I've been taking...... For those of you who have ever tried or are taking 'Fat Burning' supplements, but away your credit card and stop wasting your money on one of the biggest scams there is! There is no such thing as a magic fat burning pill....

BUT what does exist are natural fat burning foods that are probably sitting in your kitchen right now that can help with weight loss...

  1. Curry Powder
  2. Cayenne pepper 
  3. Jalapenos
  4. Cinnamon
  5. Citrus Fruits; Grapefruit, Lemons.
  6. Garlic
  7. Ginger
  8. Green Tea
  9. Ice cold water
  10. Green Veg


  • Curry powder, Cayenne Pepper and Jalapenos; Any spices or 'hot' foods like cayenne pepper, jalapenos, hot sauce and chilli powder are thermogenics. i.e. When you eat them they increase your core temperature. Your metabolism (the rate you burn calories) then needs to work harder to bring your temperature back to normal. Faster metabolism = more calories burned. (And before you ask, NO, them curry fries you had at 3am the other night will not help you lose weight!!)

  • Cayenne pepper; Add this to your diet by either throwing the chili pepper, in vegetable form, in to stir frys. salads or sauces or the you can use the powder form. I like to use the powder. To give your metabolism a kick start, add it to eggs in the morning. (personal favourite!!)

  • Cinnamon; is one of those foods people either love or hate. I put it on my porridge everyday, also try adding it to breakfast cereals or when baking (healthy treats, I hope!!)

  • Citrus Fruits; Start the day with 1/2 grapefruit or 1/2 lemon in hot water. (Fat burning before you even have breakfast- why wouldn't you do it!?)

  • Garlic; When cooking with garlic let it sit for 10minutes after it has been chopped to allow the enzymes to work- a lot of people will chop the garlic then throw it in to the pan straight away- killing all of the phyto-nutrients (the things that we like)

  • Ginger; Certain herbal teas have ginger in them. I like to add it to my green juice every morning or to stir frys and sauces.

  • Green tea; Drink it hot or cold, before, after or in between meals, add fresh lemon, berries or mix it with a herbal tea of your choice. (Basically it doesn't matter how or when you drink it just get it in to you!!)

  • Ice Cold Water; This has the opposite effect on your body as the spices except instead of your body trying to cool down, it has to work harder to heat up! (Why not kill two birds with one stone and add ice to your green tea!)

  • Green Veg; These foods are low in fat and slow to digest- perfect people trying to shed a few pounds as the body needs to work a bit harder and longer to digest them- keeping your metabolism on it's toes! I try to have green veg at EVERY meal. I make a green juice before breakfast, add spinach and broccoli to my salads for lunch, munch on kale chips during the day (I will post a recipe for these soon- TOO delish not to share) and load up on the veg at dinner.

There you have it, you don't need to drastically change what you are eating just add these foods in where-ever and when-ever you can! 

Shhhhh don't tell anyone about your secret weight loss pills though ;)

Happy Fat Burning!!

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