About me

Hi everyone, for those of you who are wondering who is behind Eatlivelove.it my name is Aisling and I am a 24 year old, qualified Nutritional Therapist.

I have worked in a Naturopathic Clinic, Breath of Life, for the past 5 years, which has given me an amazing insight in to health and how the body works. So I set up Eatlivelove.it because I wanted to share all the tips and tricks I have learnt with people. I believe that knowledge is key! My aim is to help people understand how the body works and the effects that food and lifestyle has on your health.

In saying that I am no role model. My lifestyle follows the 80%:20% rule religiously, having the odd treat if I fancy it.... However, I am human and I do have them lazy Sundays; where PJ's and a takeaway are all that are on the schedule for the day. When I look at people whi i admire in the health industry; girls with slammin' bodies, vegan athletes, nutritionists following 100% clean healthy lifestyle. I know one day these are the people who I am inspired to be like.

HOWEVER- currently I am only 24. I am still learning how to balance 8am gym sessions, preparing clean nutritions food, working full time and setting up my own business while also enjoying girls night's out at the weekend, dinner date nights and lazy days off.

Eatlivelove.it is all about my tricks for incorporating both in to your life, while also feeling healthy and having the body that you were meant for! 

Ash x x x

About Me

My name is Ash; I am A 22 year old health addict who is in a love triangle with a clean, nutritious, healthy, lifestyle and lazy days, yummy food and cocktails! I am not someone who will get up before work at 6am to go for a run on the beach (even though I would love to be!!) but I am someone who has found a balance...

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